Saturday, September 11, 2010

busy, busy

We have been very busy in our house lately, Tagen started back in preschool, I started back to work after a year, and Aubrey is 2 weeks away from being fully recovered. Her surgery went AMAZING as I said in my last blog, and now that she is almost fully recovered we were not ready for her skill levels to jump as much as they did. Aubrey is fully off the Lasix now, and is back down to a normal calorie formula YAYYYYY!!! Her weight gain has been making great progress and she is 50% in both height and weight on the down syndrome girl growth chart! Sam and I never really knew just how much her heart condition had slowed her down , but we have quickly learned it played a huge part in her life. I feel awful not thinking it had that much of an impact on her, although there was no way for me to ever really know. I can not believe that she is going to be ONE already, where did the time go?

Since we have been home from surgery Aubrey has been able to move in her walker, backwards, but she still moves :). She has been eating more baby foods along with trying some table foods here and there, she is very picky and knows what she wants though ( that's my girl)! Aubrey has learned to finger feed herself with her puffs, yogurt melts, mum mums, ya know the finger foods for little ones. Although she has not said her first official word yet, she has been doing a great job responding to what you are saying to her, and babbling away in her own little baby talk. We are so proud of everything she is starting to accomplish, and we are confident that from here she is just going to do more and more.

Tagen is loving his second year of preschool , and is going to start playing soccer, which every morning i get asked " am I playing soccer this morning". He is growing up so fast, he's fresh yet he is so cute, some of the things he comes up with I just don't even know what to say. I end up walking out of the room laugh.