Sunday, February 27, 2011

srping is on it's way isn't it?

man-o-man, this winter thing is starting to get to me!! I miss you sunshine, flip flops, cold drinks- and when I did not have to deal with bulky jackets, hats, gloves, runny noses!! OH please spring, wont you just come already!?
This winter has been a tough one, Aubrey was having some troubles with going to the bathroom, we found ourselves at the ER in Boston because she was not herself and we just couldn't not figure out why! why?? well the poor thing was so backed up and constipated the poor thing could barely move! We had her tested for Celiac disease, which usually makes people go to the bathroom all the time, it is a gluten allergy, but with down syndrome, and low muscle tone it can cause constipation. Aubrey also has some flat lining in her left year, when we had her ears tested, as of right now we do not know if her ears are not draining the wax, or if she has fluid in her mid ear, which could cause hearing loss, we will have her retested in the next month. Phewph, and there is more...
Aubrey has also started wearing sure step orthopedics on her little feeties!! She was having a hard time keeping control of her ankles, knees, and hips, these help stabilize her and she is doing an AMAZING job at standing. She should only need them for about 9 months, and they will help her to start walking which she so desperately wants to do! We had her 6 months post surgery appointment, and went better then we could have ever expected!! Her doctor does not need to see her for a year, and he said her heart sounds perfect, of course they will still monitor her, but they said it sounds amazing and the surgery was a perfect success!! Crazy to think it has already been 6 months goodness time really does fly!

My sweet little baby is becoming a little girl, her desire to be able to run around with her big brother, and play the games the other kids do, is so strong you can see the frustration as well as disappointment in her that she can not do those things yet- I feel for her because I know she wants to, and just can't right now, it breaks your heart as a parent knowing that it will come in time but right now there is nothing i can do to help her develop these skills any faster! My dear Aubrey it will come soon enough- and your frustrations will turn into pure joy, I promise!!
She is doing so many sings now, and she understands everything you are saying to her. She has become a little freshy pants, she knows what she wants, and if she doesn't get it look out world! Thats my girl!!!

Recently I have received kindergarten registration for Tagen- ahh full day- it brought tears my eyes it seems like just yesterday I found out i was pregnant with him! our early intervention PT, has brought up the option of Aubrey attending a class for 2 1/2 hours on a Thursday morning, when she turns 2!! My kids are just growing and I can't stop them!!!!