Monday, May 30, 2011

ahh- back to writing!

Sorry friends, it has been a little while- I went out to dinner with 3 of my best friends, and one reminded me of this ol' blog, so I figured that I need to give it a little attention! Finally warm weather- the children no longer have cabin fever!! I have starting going back to school, along with getting certified to instruct sign language- through baby signing time, two hands productions! It has been exciting!

Aubrey is continuing to make gains, she is crawling around, and nothing on tables or on the floor is safe, to her it is all fair game! ( Tagen is actually handling it very well!) Aubrey wants to be walking more then anything, she just doesn't have the core strength/ balance- I tell her all the time " You will do it, I promise, be patient". She has about 50 signs, and is completely obsessed with baby signing time videos :) I wish she would sit in front of my flip video and do the signs so I can show them off to the world, because she makes her mama proud! Instead she just wants to eat the flip! I'm sure all the moms out there know what I am talking about when I say, when someone asks me how she is my eyes light up and I can not help but smile! I am getting nervous because she is getting older, so natural I am going to start thinking about classes and the perfect placement for her! Being in the special education Field in a school system it gets a little touch when you are on the other side, ahh Will I be able to handle everything?!? She has had a few drs. appts. and most of them have all gone very well, Cardiology- she does not need to go back for one year. Opthomology- She has a follow up, because they are saying she has small optic nerves which could effect the brain- so they might want a sedated MRI- and if they are small, she will be delayed, but reality, I am not a naive person; she is already delayed, but is a sedated MRI going to change the care we are giving her, because if it is not medically necessary to have done- I am not sure I want to put her through a sedated MRI. I do know that it is not invasive like surgery, but I do not want to put her through it, if it is just for "knowledge, or research"- anyone have any thoughts/know anything about this subject?? She will be going to see a "ENT" ears, nose, and throat doctor, because she has fluid in her ears, so she may need tubes- common yes I know, and better now then the loss of her hearing, yes, but my poor girly muffin- just something else to add to her accomplishments in her first few years! I wish I could capture everything about her and put it on here so all of you could see how happy, and how much of a joy she is. My Aubrey girl is a little diva with an attitude, and she has the "stank eye" down pat!!

Tagen turned 5 years old, yesterday and I wanted to cry- my son as grown up so much, and I sometimes worry he has had to grow up a little faster because of everything that has happened over the past year with Aubrey, It was so hard on Sam and I; I know that he picked up on it, and he never said it but I am sure it has been hard on him. He loves his sister more then anything, and I have to wonder if he knows what she went through this year. As much as Sam and I have tried very hard to not make Tagen feel as if he were on the back burner through our trying times, I can't help but wonder, if he ever felt that way. After yesterday's big birthday party I think he remembered how much we love him, and have not forgotten about him! Thank you everyone who came to his special day, and made it amazing for him. He woke up and said " I can't believe everyone who came to the house for my birthday party, and all the cool gifts I got". He appreciated everything! Tagen is in an integrated setting preschool, which means there are a handful of children with specials needs and then " peer models" one of the parents of a child with specials needs, came up to me and said, although Tagen is a bigger boy he is very kind, and treats my son so good, there are some children that are bigger then my son, and they are rough and makes him nervous, but not Tagen! The word proud does not describe the feelings I had, and it also made me realize that no matter what he will be there and understanding to Aubrey and her needs!!

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